Elix Ultrafreeze™ VacuRelief

Elix Ultrafreeze™ VacuRelief professional method


  • Accelerates metabolism, heats and relaxes muscles and it is a unique and fast-acting therapy for pain relief
  • Offers an immediate sense of relief
  • It helps the therapist to reach damaged tissue and to penetrate to the central point, where the pain originates from.
  • After the treatment, the time of recovery of the damaged muscle decreases, after several intensive therapies, the possibility of a recurrence of pain decreases or even completely disappears.
  • Fast, easy and safe method
  • The time of therapy is 30-60 minutes, depending on the problem that you want to eliminate.

VacuRelief wrapping – bag benefits:

  • Accelerates the absorption of active ingredients, contained in elix products
  • Stimulates the water discharge and purifies the lymphatic system
  • Makes it easier to access the painful point
  • Success in pain relief
  • The physical effects of the therapy include pain relief, accelerate circulation, reduce swelling, inflammation and muscle spasms.

The physical effects of heating therapy include pain relief and increase blood circulation. Metabolism is accelerated and tissue elasticity is strengthened.
The therapy is suitable for people, who have problems with chronic or acute pain and for the rehabilitation of athletes.