About the hyperbaric chamber therapy

100% oxygen in a controlled hyperbaric chamber

Therapy in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber enables breathing of pure 100% oxygen (not just the usual 21% as there are in the air around us), under controlled and regulated pressure, which is higher than atmospheric. The latter enables us to improve the power of natural healing of our body.

Under such pressure (1.5-2 ATA), the lungs can absorb more oxygen than in normal breathing. Under normal conditions, the amount of oxygen in our arteries is 100 mmHg. At higher pressure (2 ATA), the amount of oxygen is increased to 1400 mmHg, which is a 14-fold increase.

Blood plasma enriched with oxygen is being transported throughout the whole body and permeates from the veins to the space of the medulla and tissue up to three times deeper. Such oxygenation enables oxygen to be brought into areas without blood flow, reducing swelling and preventing the formation of new blood vessels, reaching damaged and affected tissues and increasing the ability of white blood cells to fight foreign bodies.


Exposing the body to the conditions found in the chamber is an excellent supplement or additional therapy in various conditions of the disease, and is helpful in the following areas:

  • Sport
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Slower aging
  • Relaxation and beauty
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Improving the immune system
  • Neurology: recovery after stroke, headaches, migraines, autism, multiple sclerosis…
  • Endocrinology: diabetes (diabetic foot-open wounds), stress, hormonal disorders, malaise…
  • Traumatology: various injuries (including sports), compartment syndrome, impaired wound healing, fractures of bones and joints…
  • Poisoning: carbon monoxide, cyanide…
  • Dentistry: mitigation of periodontal diseases, insertion of dental implants…
  • Oncology: various injuries after irradiation
  • Cardiovascular system: poor blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, regulating cholesterol…
  • Improving microcirculation
  • Improving concentration

Hyperbaric operators do not give health advice and diagnoses, as well as advice on treatments.
To companies and institutions, we lease out treatments.
When taking 5 therapies, you get 1 for free.
When taking 10 therapies, you get 2 for free.
(The prices of therapies are written on the price list.)

We also offer gift vouchers.