Dental practice

In our practice, we offer premium dental care and dental prosthetic substitutes. Our advantage is that we have a dental prosthetics laboratory and dental practice in one place, which are closely connected. In cooperation, we find the best, the most suitable and the right solution of every individual.

First visit: oral examination and discussion

We inspect you teets to figure our the condition of your teeth and oral cavity. Together, we agree on the course of the treatment, aesthetic and functional solutions and possible dental prosthetic supplements. We estimate the required time and cost of implementation.


In order to have healthy and shiny teeth, you need to think before the pain surprises you. Without professional ultrasonic cleaner, we will professionally remove all types of dental plaques that lead to periodontal diseases, caries, and bad breath. Sanding and polishing will ensure the smooth and shiny surface of your teeth.

Treatment of caries

With local anesthesia, we enable painless removal of dental caries.

Root canal treatment

Deep caries causes inflammation and death of the dental nerve. The process can be both painful and painless, and such a tooth needs to be healed, so that this does not happen. With the treatment, we clean the canal and insert the medicine. We treat it until the inflammation stops. We fill the root and make a white filling, or, where needed, a suitable dental prosthetic substitute.

Dental fillings

We make white fillings made of composite materials that are aesthetic and durable. With them, we take care of the natural appearance and proper function of the tooth.


For you, we make a fixed or removable dental prosthesis, which is made professionally, functionally, from the best materials and aesthetically matches your character and appearance.

  • Dental facets, dental bridge
  • Porcelain veneers, dental bridge
  • E-max
  • Zirconium crown, dental bridge
  • inlay ; onlay
  • shells
  • Full dental prostheses
  • Partial dental prostheses
  • Prostheses on implants
  • Porcelain veneers on implants
  • Porcelain dental bridge
  • Prostheses on implants
  • Porcelain veneers, dental bridge
  • Sliding caliper, CEKA, etc.